Some Additions

Hello everyone! We have been hard at work getting ready some new additions to FPCraft. First of all, we have been working on this website, which some of you may have already seen. From now on, we will most likely be posting our bigger announcements here, so keep an eye on this website. It is still in active development so expect to see some changes over the next few weeks.

There have also been some additions to the Survival server recently. Last night, I announced the addition of around 30 new achievements to complete. Today, we have added a few more new features to the server, which we think you will like. The biggest change is that we have added Dynmap to Survival. For those of you who are unfamilliar with Dynmap, it is a web-based live map of the Survival server. You can check it out by clicking here or by clicking "Server Map" in the navigation bar. The map is still actively rendering, so bare with us while it is filling in the blank spaces. We have also added the ability to display your inventory, items, and enderchest in chat by typing [inv], [item], and [ender]. You can also now hover over people's names in chat to see their rank, health, and balance. The server has also received further optimizations to reduce the likelihood of drops in TPS.

We have gotten a lot of feedback from the community lately, and we really appreciate all of the time that you all have put into FPCraft. We hope to add even more new things soon, so stay tuned!